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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God’s people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. This radio program is dedicated to preparing God’s people to meet the challenges of the Day, and to encourage obedience to the Word of God in being separated from worldliness and false doctrine.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

One of the greatest and most telling aspects of the imminent implementation of the New World Order is the broad and deep penetration of Pagan New Age precepts and practices throughout America today. People from all walks of life are actively involved in this new religion. Housewives, business leaders, bankers, Wall Street businessmen, political leaders, Christian clergy, and political activists are just some examples of the types of people who are practicing this new religion. These believers fit no typical mold of behavior or looks. They are just as likely to wear a three-piece suit as a weird outfit. Most of them look very normal as they live their lives according to this new religion.

And this religion has a thousand names. Some people practice Yoga, some Hinduism, some Earth Worship, some follow cult leaders, some practice “I Ching” or some other Japanese religion. The New Age Movement deliberately told the world all through the 1970’s that it was not to be a normal Hierarchical arrangement, with one leader at the top. Rather, it was to be constructed as a “Networking” arrangement, with many different movements. The tie between these various groups would not be obvious to the normal observer, even though it would be very powerful in its operation.

Thus, we have differing groups like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, the National Organization For Women, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Rock groups like the Grateful Dead, all pursuing the same god and the same world view, but who are not visibly connected.

And, the New Age Movement has succeeded in dramatically infiltrating major organizations, such as IBM, General Electric, and many others. These large organizations promote New Age ideas through mandated employee seminars, during which unsuspecting employees are subjected to seemingly great concepts designed to improve productivity and mental performance on the job.

Further, the Mass Media is doing its job conditioning people to the values of the New World Order. This effort takes several tracks.

First, Mass Media airs shows which pull people away from their traditional Judeo-Christian values. We see examples of this throughout any week of any listing of TV and movies. Viewers are treated to a constant barrage of excessive violence and murder, of casual sex, and of outright Satanism in many macabre thrillers.

Secondly, Mass Media blatantly promotes its new value system in movies like the Star Wars Trilogy, Star Trek, and Cocoon, in which the values and beliefs of the New World Order are set forth.

Thirdly, science fiction has been the greatest avenue by which people are conditioned to the New World Order. Science fiction has promoted all the concepts and values of the New Age Movement and it has gained millions upon millions of avid readers, conditioning their readers to accept the most outlandish concepts.

Fourthly, magazines have had tremendous impact since the end of World War II. Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and Omni Magazine are just a few examples of the magazines which have been gradually conditioning people to the values of the New World Order. Science Magazines are promoted among High School and Junior High School levels and are filled with the values and beliefs of the New Age.

Finally, the conditioning process has proceeded to the point where the general population is being bombarded daily with the trashy tabloids, like Star, Sun, and Weekly World News. These magazines are sold by the tens of millions weekly, making them the most heavily sold magazine in the history of this country. And people love their terribly weird stories, mixed with blatant Paganism, witchcraft, and astrology.

Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. In the words of one New Age author, writing in the mid-1970’s, “The Great One cannot appear until and unless a substantial proportion of the population has been first conditioned to accept him.”

The United States of America is filled with the Satanic values of the New World Order. This filth is literally everywhere. This once great Jesus Christ-honoring nation has literally been filled with this old occultic value system. In Ephesians 3:17-20, the Apostle Paul yearns that believers might be totally filled with the love and richness of Jesus Christ. Paul was literally praying that the believer would become completely filled with the Holy Spirit. All of us have prayed this type of prayer for our own lives, as well we should.

However, Satan has a counterfeit filling for his believers, and this is the topic of discussion for our program today. Christian author, Constance Cumbey, strongly emphasizes in her book, “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow”, that the one common binding ingredient among all these various groups is their common “mystical experiences”. This term refer to the religious teachings common to all these various groups. Whatever name the group is using, they uniformly teach that man can perfect himself through the practice of ancient religious techniques, of meditation and through following the guidance of their own “Guiding Spirits”.

Meditation is the technique whereby a person empties his mind of all conscious thought, while chanting a series of repetitive words or phrases as many times as possible. Once a person does this repeatedly, he/she will begin to experience the phenomenon whereby the mind begins to lose its normal contact with the body. This phenomena is called an “Out-of-Body” experience, and is very common in occultic circles.

Once the mind loses its normal connection with the body the person then is ready to meet his/her “Guiding Spirit”. Christian author, Johanna Michaelson, captures the Satanic essence of meditation and Guiding Spirits in her book, “The Beautiful Side Of Evil”. Guiding Spirits identify themselves by name, including Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or one of the Apostles. The person who is involved is truly deceived into thinking they have just discovered THE one, true way to actually come into contact with God. In reality, they have just come into contact with a Satanic demon, who has transformed himself into a being appearing very kind, gentle, and wise. The stage is set for these demonic beings to manipulate and mislead their human victims. These people have become demonically possessed.

Millions upon millions of Americans have participated in this type of activity, resulting in demonic possession in degrees ranging from mild to severe. At this point, we need to reach an understanding as to the nature of Satanic demon possession. Most of us associate demonic possession with the stories of the New Testament where demon-possessed people were violent, were afflicted with mental and physical diseases, where it was very obvious to everyone that the person was so afflicted.

All these manifestations are, indeed, truly associated with demonic possession; however, a demonically-possessed person does not necessarily display these characteristics in all cases. Many people have been demonically possessed for their entire lives without the common people around them having the least knowledge of it. These people might seem very normal in every respect. The author of the “Dictionary of the Bible” states that the demon which is possessing the individual begins the process whereby he effects “the complete or incomplete loss of the sufferer’s reason or power of will; his action, his words, and almost his thoughts are mastered by the evil spirit, till his personality seems to be destroyed…or overborne as to produce the consciousness of a twofold will within him, like that sometimes felt in a dream.”

This sentence captures the essence of what New Age doctrine calls “raising the level of one’s consciousness”. Slowly, gradually, and benevolently, the demonic spirit takes complete control over the entire mind and personality of the possessed person. As long as it fulfills the plans of the demonic spirit, the victim will appear as normal and happy as you can imagine.

In today’s America, millions of people have opened themselves up to demonic possession in just this way. As you examine the writings of the New Age Movement, you discover a horrible truth — the leaders of the New World Order are demon possessed, and their Guiding Spirits have revealed to them that the New World Order cannot be established until millions of people are similarly possessed. A good example of this possession is found in Alice Bailey’s monumentally-important book, “The Externalisation of the Hierarchy”, in which it is revealed that a demon by the name of “Master D.K.” wrote this book through her. Many of the authors and leaders of the New Age Movement have admitted that they are in daily contact with their Guiding Spirits — and nobody blinks an eye. The initiated accept this condition as benevolent and coveted. This possession is nothing more than Satan’s counterfeit in-filling of God’s Holy Spirit of a born-again believer. Make no mistake about the fact that demon possession is rampant in America today.

What we will show you today is that the Plan for a New World Order has developed to the point where this demonic possession has reached a new level. We will share this new level with you today, quoting primarily from Ruth Montgomery in her book, “Herald Of The New Age”. Montgomery writes entirely by “automatic writing”, which is defined as “writing produced when a person goes into an altered state and a spirit entity takes over a person’s arm and hand to communicate”. (The New Age Dictionary). Of course, this spirit entity is assumed to be benevolent, and they certainly present themselves as such. Montgomery’s spirit entity just so happens to be a committee, identified repeatedly in her books as “Lily, Art, and the Group”. Montgomery identifies them as “discarnate beings” who telepathically communicate to her about the coming New Age of peace and safety. While these Guides have communicated with her on many issues, we want to discuss one of their most interesting and relevant subjects, because the time of its impact is now upon us; once you understand what is occurring, you will make more sense out of current events.

The subject is “Walk-Ins“. This unfamiliar term has no relevance to those of us whose background is Biblical, so we need to thoroughly define it. All believers in the New Age believe in reincarnation, defined as the belief that “we do not really die”; rather, our souls leave our dead bodies and go into a supernatural state whereby they wait for the next incarnation cycle. Some occultists believe that each soul can choose the time of their next incarnation into a human body at birth, while others believe there is a set cycle by which reincarnation occurs. For example, “according to the Pythagorean, after a period of 216 years…all things are regenerated…this was the periodic time of.. the rebirth of man after each death.” (“The Occult Power Of Numbers”, p. 66). Thus, according to this belief, all things–people, nations, and nature, are regenerated in precisely 216 years; the number 216 is a sacred number because it is 6x6x6, the most sacred number. Remember our earlier discussion that the United States of America is 216 years old as of July 4, this year?

But, back to the subject of “Walk-Ins”. Walk-Ins are defined as “souls who have earned the right, through many lifetimes of spiritual growth, to return directly to the earth plane as adults” (Montgomery, “Herald of a New Age”, page 202). In other words, these souls in the reincarnation holding cycle want to return to earth in an adult body, rather than incarnating in the body of a baby. Montgomery’s Guides reveal that these souls are “not yet perfected souls, but are high-minded beings intent on aiding their fellow humans, and tens of thousands of them are already here…” (Ibid). These discarnate souls are desperately wanting to incarnate into an adult body at this moment in world history so they can help humanity successfully complete its journey into the New World Order. And, of course, the occult Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa is very supportive of this desire. (We need to stop here very briefly to remind our listeners that all this occultic mumbo jumbo is only describing demon possession in such a way as to make it palatable and believable to their American and Western audience. A Walk-in is merely a demon possessing a person who has spiritually opened themselves up through occultic meditations and other activities.)

The Walk-in story continues. Even though these “high-minded” discarnate souls desperately want to incarnate into an adult body rather than a baby, they have the problem of the spirit which is already inhabiting the adult body. That spirit must voluntarily leave the adult body so that the new, high-minded spirit can enter. Montgomery’s Guides explain that this is no problem; the “soul transfer”, as it is called, usually occurs when the adult body is weak, or sick, or when the spirit inhabiting that body is thoroughly discouraged. At this moment, the Guides say, the old spirit “walks out” and the new spirit “walks in”. Very suddenly, the adult body receives a new burst of spiritual energy, a new sense of revitalization. This is a “Walk-in”.

What is the purpose of these “Walk-ins”? As we tell you, remember that Montgomery’s book, “Herald Of A New Age”, was written in 1986. Montgomery’s Guides told her that “they are coming in increasing numbers during the next decade to prepare us” for the coming New World Order. How would these Walk-ins be able to help? They would infiltrate the population of the world, from the mass of the people, to its leaders, to ensure that the right decisions were being made during the time of transition to the New World Order. They realize that the leaders of the people must make “correct” decisions, but they can do nothing if the mass of the population is deadest against them. Therefore, the Plan calls for a great many Walk-ins among the population, to aid the leadership in molding the opinions of the people.

Again, we must pause to explain the transition part of the Plan to the New World Order. The Guiding Spirits have taught that the “Great One will need 7 years of transition into the New World Order (“The Armageddon Script”, by Peter Lemesurier, page 235). Isn’t it extremely interesting that they have chosen the number 7, the precise number of years of the Biblical Tribulation?

This transition period will be a time of the greatest trouble the world has ever seen. In fact, these Guides repeatedly use the word “Tribulation” to describe these 7 transition years. During this time, the earth will be purified and cleansed of all the old, evil influences so that the Golden Age of peace, safety, and prosperity can begin on January 1, 2000 A.D. As Montgomery’s Guides describe this cleansing action of the earth, it sounds very much like the events described in the book of Revelation. Millions of people will die from earthquakes, tidal floods, famine, and world war. In fact, this description of the coming cleansing action during the transition so clearly paralleled the book of Revelation, I suddenly understood a verse which had always puzzled me. In Revelation 6-9, God reveals that His judgment upon the earth will result in approximately two-thirds of mankind being killed. Yet, in chapter 9, verses 20-21, God states, “And the rest of humanity, who were not killed by these plagues, even then did not repent out of the worship of the works of their own hands, so as to cease paying homage to the demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood…And they did not repent out of their murders or their practice of magic sorceries or their sexual vice or their thefts.”

I have always been staggered by this prophecy, because I have always felt that the people of the world would turn to God in repentance, understanding instinctively that only God could be causing all this natural disaster to occur. Not so. The demonic, lying spirit guides of the New Age leadership have prepared their deluded followers for just these types of natural disasters. Further, the guides have emphasized that the only preparation is an inner, spiritual preparation. People can only prepare by immersing themselves into their occultic practices. When God carries out His tremendous physical judgment upon the world, the people will have been prepared for it. They will simply say, “The Guiding Spirits were right about the Planetary Shift; these natural disasters are needed to move the world into the New World Order”. Therefore, because they will not recognize the hand of God in this physical judgment, they will not only not repent of their sorceries, they will redouble their efforts in it so that they will be able to endure it.

Satan is not called the “Great Deceiver” for nothing. This will be one of his best and most complete deceptions. And he will carry hundreds of millions of people into eternal Hell.

These Guiding Spirits further teach that this earth is a living being whom they call Mother Gaia. Mother Gaia will be so intent upon cleansing herself of all “evil” influences that she will dramatically change her angle of rotation. The Guides have described this as “the planetary shift“. This planetary shift will be the primary cause of all the natural disasters befalling the earth during this transition phase leading into the New World Order. This time will be so difficult, and will require the political leaders to make such difficult life-and-death decisions that the Hierarchy has decided to infiltrate these Walk-ins. At the time of Montgomery’s book, there were “tens of thousands” of these Walk-ins; however, as the earth approaches the time of her planetary shift, this number is to grow to millions upon millions. This Walk-in infiltration was planned to occur in every level of society. Walk-ins were to be regular husbands and wives, doctors, lawyers, scientists, businessmen, political leaders, and clergy. Montgomery claimed she had met Walk-ins who were from every one of these professions, including a “metaphysical minister” and a “Baptist preacher from the Deep South”.

But, the revelations become even more interesting. These supernatural Guiding Spirits revealed information which paralleled Biblical prophecy to a startling degree, and we quote, “The Guides foresaw famine and war before the shift…Near the time of the shift, which the Guides claim is inevitable…the Antichrist will rise to power…” This is just one of many instances in which New Age writers foretell the appearance of the Anti-Christ. But, why should we be surprised, when the Apostle John wrote in 1 John 2:18, “…it is the last hour, the end of this age. And as you have heard that Antichrist [he who will oppose Christ in the guise of Christ is coming…”. This definition of Anti-Christ as one who will oppose Christ by coming in the guise of Christ is precisely what these Guiding Spirits are foretelling. When Maitreya the Christ appears, he will claim to have the “Christ-consciousness spirit” which came upon Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and other christs throughout history. However, Maitreya will claim that the “Christ-consciousness” spirit inhabiting him is several degrees higher than those previous spirits.

Now, let us return to the final supernatural revelations concerning Walk-ins. As we said before, they will infiltrate all strata of society, especially the political leadership. This is only natural, since their mission is to ensure that mankind makes the proper political decisions which will enable mankind to successfully go through this transition period. Our political leadership is specifically targeted. With this in mind, we quote an article in the “Weekly World News”, dated November 3, 1992. Remember, this tabloid is one of the most popular New Age conditioning magazines in the world today. Ever since I realized this, I have been watching these tabloids carefully, to see how people’s minds are being conditioned.

The front page was totally devoted to the subject, “Alien Tells Clinton and Bush: Five U.S. Senators Are Space Aliens”. Now, as we have stated in several radio programs, Space Aliens are also nothing more than Satan’s demons whom God is allowing to physically appear on earth during this period to prepare the world to accept Anti-Christ and his kingdom. We have shown that they teach the people with whom they have made contact standard, occultic doctrines and goals. Supposedly, this space alien met with Bush and Clinton for 90 minutes several weeks ago to inform them that five U.S. Senators were really Aliens (Walk-ins).

These five senators were even named. We traditionally do not place any credence in the stories of this trashy tabloid; however, we are in the time of the end of the age, when truth is more amazing than fiction; further, this story does fit the over-all scenario of demon-possession of key leaders. We know that the last political leader to pronounce the advent of the New World Order was Adolf Hitler. Historians readily admit that Hitler and many of his aides were demonically possessed. Further, we have shown that the doctrines of the New Age are nothing more than a revival of Nazism. The New World Order is simply Nazism. Since this is the case, why should we be surprised that certain current political leaders might be demonically possessed?

These five senators initially denied that they were Aliens, but then two admitted they were, indeed, Aliens, and said, “‘O.K., you found us out, but remember this, mankind is not alone.’ One Senator went even further when he suggested that the five senators named as extraterrestrial are just the tip of the iceberg.” Again, this article is consistent with the revelations of Montgomery’s Guiding Spirits.

This article repeatedly states that the objectives of these Aliens are totally benevolent. “From all appearances they have the best interests of mankind at heart.” Finally, we are referred to another article toward the back of the magazine which tells us that everyday people, maybe even your next-door neighbor, may be an alien (read Walk-in).

We report this tabloid story to you only to illustrate that we are close enough to the end of the age it is now time to begin conditioning people to the concept of Aliens and Walk-ins (or demonically possessed people). We should expect nothing less. If the world is to fulfill the many evil and murderous actions of which the Bible prophesies, Satan’s demons must intervene. And we see this possession of political leaders perfectly illustrated in Revelation 16:13-14, “I saw three loathsome spirits like frogs, leaping from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet. For really they are the spirits of demons that perform signs, wonders, and miracles. And they go forth to the rulers and leaders all over the world, to gather them together for war on the great day of God the Almighty.”

Montgomery’s Guiding Spirits reveal one more prophecy concerning political Walk-ins. On pages 262-3, they state, “During the next decade (the 1990’s) and before the [transition]…a Walk-in will be elected President of the United States…The Walk-in whom the Guides say will be elected President is ‘already in a position of trust and his special talents are gradually being recognized, but he is not one of those being touted now as a possible candidate in 1988.” We know that President Bush was one of those being touted as a Presidential candidate in 1988; therefore, we may conclude that, even though Bush is an Adept in the Satanic Skull and Bones, he is not a possessed Walk-in. This definition can only refer to Bill Clinton. Montgomery’s Guides continue to describe this Walk-in President. “People will be aware of his special qualities and his abrupt turnaround in ideals and goals [at the time of the ego substitution] (the time when he was possessed), so that many will realize his Walk-in status while others will think of him as a born-again Christian…”

Perhaps this explains Clinton’s abrupt turnaround from Anti-Vietnam war protester to political activist who now is appearing to be a “mainstream” Democrat. And remember his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention? Clinton absolutely clothed his speech with Biblical quotes and terms. He pronounced that he wanted to establish a “New Covenant” with the American people, and he used many Scriptural references.

If we are, indeed, as close to the time of the Great Tribulation, we should be looking for this type of Satanic intervention in the affairs of the world and of this country. Do not be deceived, and definitely look up, for our Rapture draws closer.

You have been listening to the Cutting Edge, a radio program of Old Paths Ministries.


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