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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God’s people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye – opening truths.

Before we get started on this sequel to last week’s study of the Jewish secret society, the Cabala, we need to address one fundamental misunderstanding about secret societies:

That secret societies are simply and only social organizations which carry out charitable activities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember Jesus’ warnings against being deceived, in Matthew 24:4-5, 11, and 24. In verse 24, Jesus quantified this type of deception as He warned, “…if it were possible, they [False Prophets] shall deceive the very elect”. This prophesied deception is to be so very sophisticated and so believable it will deceive virtually every person on earth who is not saved. Such is the case with all secret societies. They routinely deceive, especially their own members. Albert Pike, in his book, “Morals and Dogma”, states it is necessary to deceive their own members until it can be determined that they are ready to receive the “truth”.

As we have conducted research into this murky world of the New World Order, we have been repeatedly startled by the overwhelming approval given the secret society, Freemasonry, by the many Guiding Spirits of occultic writers. For example, Master D.K., writing through Alice Bailey in “The Externalisation of the Hierarchy”, states, on page 511, that the Masonic Fraternity “is the home of the Mysteries, and the seat of the initiation.” Of course, the word, “Mysteries” always refers to the Satanic Mysteries religions of Babylon and Egypt. Initiations are the initial ceremonies through which a person is admitted into the cult. As we have shared with you before, these initiations are, by their very nature, Satanic, and life changing. But, Master D.K. then drops the bombshell about Freemasonry, when he states, “It is a far more occult organization than can be realized and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists. ” Master D.K. has just told us a secret straight out of the pit of Hell — Freemasonry is of Satan, all their protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. The same is true about all the secret societies, by whatever name they call themselves.

Last week, we examined the little-known historic fact that the Pharisees, who so hated Jesus Christ that they plotted His murder upon the Cross, were members of a Jewish secret society called the Cabala. Once we understand this fact, we can more easily understand many of the things against which Jesus spoke. We can also understand more completely how the hatred of the Pharisees seemed to be supernatural, how the hardness of their hearts was so great, even in the face of the most incredible miracles ever performed.

Today, we shall study this subject more completely.

  1. We shall study the special hidden secular, or earthly, knowledge which these secret societies taught.
  2. We shall study the Pagan Promised Redeemer for which the Pharisees were waiting.
  3. We shall understand how the Pharisees felt they simply were duty bound to kill Jesus Christ.
  4. We shall see how the Pharisees could look straight at Jesus’ many incredible miracles and hate him even more. The ramifications of this insight for today are extraordinary.

The major reason men have traditionally joined secret societies in the past 4,000 years is that they have been promised great and valuable knowledge which must be kept securely preserved within the confines of the society. Members were taught that this hidden secret knowledge was so special the masses of the people could not possibly comprehend them under any circumstances. This hidden knowledge was both spiritual and temporal. The spiritual knowledge was known as “Speculative” knowledge, and was taught after the men had been exposed to the practical, earthly knowledge. What were some of the aspects of this practical, earthly knowledge?

Once we share them with you, you can easily see how a group of persons who possessed these secrets could readily reach the point where they would control society economically and socially. Hang on to your hats, for you are going to be shocked.

New Age author, Elizabeth van Buren, writing in her book, “Secrets of the Illuminati”, states rather matter-of-factly that Pythagoras left his home in Greece for many years to live in Egypt. Pythagoras left his home in search of a prize he highly valued; he wanted to learn the secrets of Geometry, and he knew that the only place in the world he could learn Geometry was in an Egyptian secret society. In other words, only in a Satanic secret society could Pythagoras and many others like him learn Geometry!! Satan had revealed these precious secrets to the priests of the secret societies, for the sole purpose of using this skill in mathematics as the bait to lure the best minds in the world. Satan knew that, once a man had successfully been taught something so wonderful and practical as Geometry, he would be wide open to receive the false Satanic religion contained within the spiritual, or Speculative, school of knowledge. Thus, Satan revealed this Geometry to members of ancient secret societies.

Now, at this point, you may be objecting, saying that there is no Biblical basis for this concept that Satan can reveal knowledge of this kind to anyone. If this is what you are thinking, you are only partially correct. The Bible does teach us that God revealed practical knowledge to certain families in the Old Testament. When God was preparing to build His sanctuary, He gave Moses extremely detailed instructions as to how to build it, including the materials of which it was to be built and how the individual pieces were to be fashioned. From Exodus 35:30-36:4, we see the tremendous revelation that the Holy Spirit had placed the knowledge and practical skill necessary to build this sanctuary according to God’s wishes in the minds of certain men. In other words, one morning, these chosen men awoke to discover they suddenly possessed the skillful knowledge to work and create beautiful masterpieces with certain materials. Some suddenly knew how to work with gold, some with silver, and some with bronze, just to mention a few. Further, God gave these men the ability to teach this skillful knowledge to others as they saw fit. And the purpose of this sudden implantation of knowledge was to glorify God in the building of His sanctuary.

Could Satan supernaturally also reveal secrets to men who had given themselves over to the worship of him, so inherent in secret societies? The Bible reveals that Satan can do what he wants in this world, where he is repeatedly called the “Lord of this World”, unless the Holy Spirit specifically prohibits him.

Members of the occult are taught that certain subjects were revealed to men in secret societies. Some of these subjects, in addition to Geometry mentioned above, were:

  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Medicine
  • Higher Mathematics
  • Music
  • Art
  • Literature
  • The planting of subliminal messages

This concept is a shocking one, indeed. If it is true, we can understand how the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians could have built such incredibly difficult buildings and monuments, many of which have stood the erosion of time and the natural elements. Now, we can understand better how the ancients could have developed such high level cultures. We can also understand how the few individuals who possessed such special knowledge could quickly rise to high levels of prominence and power, to the point where they could become the privileged leaders of any culture. We could easily see how these few individuals could accumulate vast wealth for themselves and their posterity. Satan could then use this power, skill, and wealth to further advance his kingdom.

But many of you may still harbor doubts about these claims, and it is understandable that you would. After all, these authors are writing about men who lived several thousand years ago; certainly, from a vantage point of this many years, authors may misunderstand some of the material which seems to indicate to them such a scenario. Is there any indication from today’s highly technological society that Satan intervened in the minds of men who were worshipping him through secret societies in order to impart sudden knowledge? Indeed, there is, and some of these men are still alive.

Marcel Vogel, an occultist who was one of the original inventors of the IBM computers, claimed in the early 1980’s, that he had received the inspiration for his computer coding during a psychic molasses dream. In other words, a demon worked through Mr. Vogel to create the computer!!

Now consider other inventors which were also occultists.

  • Both inventors of the Apple computer were occultists. To demonstrate that the computer had an occultic base, they priced it at $666.66.
  • Thomas Edison was a dedicated Theosophist.
  • The developer of the Xerographic process credited his invention to a psychic dream.
  • Master D.K., writing through Alice Bailey in “

The Externalisation”, reveals the atomic bomb “emerged from a first ray Ashram (demon) working in conjunction with a fifth group” (scientists working for the American government).

If this information is true, it would explain how the tremendous explosion in knowledge and invention, which the world has seen since approximately 1917, has occurred. Within a person’s lifetime, the world has reached the point where the economy can be global and can be so structured that no one can buy or sell unless they take some kind of a mark. The world has reached a point that rulers could keep track of their subjects every minute of every day. The world has reached a point that the cultural and linguistic differences which have historically kept the peoples of the world divided have now been overridden so that we can see the One-World Nation and Government forming. For the same reasons, the world is now heading rapidly for that prophesied One-World Religion. None of this apparent fulfillment of God’s End Time prophecy could have been possible in the horse and buggy days of the past. This approaching scenario is possible only because of the tremendously sudden explosion of knowledge in the Twentieth Century.

Thus, we can see how the secret societies were able to lure the best minds in the world in every age, and were further able to impart to them the very practical knowledge which would enable them to dominate their culture and government for Satan.

But, now let us return to our core subject of the Pharisees. As we briefly said last week, secret societies were also looking the sudden appearance of a Promised Redeemer. However, their Promised Redeemer was not the One promised through Biblical prophecy; rather, their Promised Redeemer was a man who had reached perfection upon whom the ultimate Christ Consciousness would descend at the right moment in world history to lead the world into its foreseen “Golden Age”. In other words, this counterfeit Christ for whom the Pagans were awaiting is the Anti-Christ. Satan had cleverly dispersed the prophecy of the coming Redeemer in many secret societies of that day. The Wise Men who came to Bethlehem seeking the king which had been born, had been awaiting for the Pagan Redeemer. More specifically, they were knowledgeable of the remarkably precise prophecy in Daniel 9:24-26, and they realized the world was within a man’s lifetime of fulfillment. These men were members of the Pagan sect called the Zoroasters. This Persian sect were among the Wise Men of Babylon in Daniel 2:1-18. In fact, these Pagans classified Daniel as being a Wise Man in the same mold from which they were cast; as such they were very familiar with Daniel’s writings, including the prophecy of the Seventy Weeks of years in Daniel 9:24-26. Thus, the Pagan Promised Redeemer was not God, but a man, a man who had been perfected through secret societies, and upon whom the Christ Consciousness had fallen.

The Jewish secret society, the Cabala, were looking for a Promised Redeemer of the same type as other secret societies. These Jews were awaiting for a man to arise from within a secret society, a mighty, rich ruler king in Israel, a warrior who would triumphantly lead Israel out of Gentile domination, ruling from the House of David forever.

Therefore, they were horrified when Jesus’ birth was announced to humble shepherds instead of to the ruling council of the Cabala. They rejected the very idea that the Promised Redeemer could possibly be born to peasant parents in a stable. Oh, no, their Redeemer would be born of secret society parents, who were wealthy, influential, and powerful. And, surely, this Redeemer would be born in a palace. Thus, they initially rejected the idea that Jesus could be the Christ, and evidently did not complain when King Herod attempted to kill Him.

Later, when Jesus began His ministry, these Jewish Cabalasts were further horrified at the prospect that Jesus might be the Promised Redeemer. In addition to his humble background, the Cabalist Pharisees rejected Jesus’ claim to be the Promised Redeemer on other grounds:

  1. Jesus revealed hidden spiritual truth directly to the masses of the people. The Pharisees knew Jesus had learned the truth contained within the Old Testament; they assumed Jesus had learned it from a secret society somewhere. However, Jesus was not keeping these truths secret from the masses, but was eagerly and daily revealing it to them. Remember, secret societies require their members to keep all the secrets to which they have been exposed absolutely to themselves. The severe oaths, which every member of secret societies take, call for painful death to be executed if anyone revealed any secrets of the society to a nonmember. Thus, the Pharisees believed Jesus to be worthy of a severe and painful death.
  2. Members of secret societies loathed the average citizen. They deliberately attempted to mislead them spiritually, and they built up social barriers to keep the masses separate from the members of the societies. Thus, when Jesus began to associate with the common people, and especially with the most sinful of the common people, the Pharisees knew Jesus could not be their Promised Redeemer.
  3. The Pharisees had carefully mislead the common people through the creation of the Talmud. The daily living restrictions of Talmudic law were so restrictive as to bind the people in absolute bondage to the Pharisees. The Talmud had also hid God’s Divine Truth contained within the books of Moses. And Jesus responded dramatically to these “Traditions of Men”, condemning them with extremely strong words. The Pharisees counterattacked with plots to kill Him.
  4. They believed this Promised Redeemer would be capable of tremendous miracles and healings, because he was an Adept who could access the inherent power contained within the secret society. As we begin to explore this particular subject, please listen closely, because we are dealing with a most explosive subject. When Jesus began to validate His ministry through the many miracles of healings and casting out demons, the Pharisees were not surprised. There is great power in the practice of the occult, because Satan is truly supernatural. Certain Pharisees had been able to perform some of the feats Jesus was doing, because they were able to access the power of the demons. Therefore, when Jesus performed the miracles which the occultic Pharisees had been able to do, they simply attributed Jesus’ power to the occult. When Jesus performed a miracle greater than the Pharisees had been able to perform, they simply attributed these miracles to their belief that Jesus was more of an Adept in the Occult than were they.

We pick up this Pharisaic belief in Matthew 12:22-37. Jesus had just cast a demon out of a man, and the Pharisees verbalized their secret society belief, when they are recorded as saying, in verse 24, “This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub, the prince of the devils”. Jesus’ response was immediate, and two-pronged. First, Jesus asked the obvious question: if He was casting out demons by the power of the occult, then by what power were the Pharisees able to cast out demons? You see, casting out demons had proven to be a very popular and easy way in which to convince the average person that you were genuinely righteous and filled with the Holy Spirit. However, the Pharisees knew their power to cast out demons came from demons.

Second, Jesus uttered the most frightening statement ever uttered in all history, “All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men…neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” The revelation that Jesus had created a new sin that was unforgivable is incredible. Never in the Old Testament had God even hinted at the existence of an unforgivable sin. But Jesus created it here. The Unforgivable Sin is simply attributing Jesus’ power to perform His miracles to Satan or to one of his demons. When a person says this, he is denying the power and the work of the Holy Spirit. This is the one sin which God will never forgive. Further, once a person commits this sin, the Holy Spirit will stop working in his life, trying to convict him of his sin, and trying to bring him to repentance. Thus, Satan has free access to this person’s soul, to do with him what he wishes. Satan can begin to harden this person’s heart to monstrous levels.

There is absolutely no evidence the Pharisees stopped making this claim once Jesus warned them this sin was unforgivable. In fact, their deplorable activity at the Cross strongly indicates they still believed this lie and were propagating it. As Jesus was dying, the Pharisees mocked him repeatedly, for not coming down off the Cross in great power to save Himself. They still believed Jesus did not possess inherent power, that He had power only when He could access it properly from the occult. When He did not come off that Cross, the Pharisees felt vindicated in this belief. Thus, the Pharisees felt they had performed their duty as the guardians of their secret society oath not to reveal secrets to non-members. Since they believed Jesus was a member of a secret society, they believed He was worthy of a painful, excruciating death, as called for in secret society oaths. The Pharisees had just done their duty.

We want to close with the tremendous ramifications this belief of the Pharisees has today. When they uttered their belief that Jesus could only perform His many miracles because He was an Adept in a secret society, Jesus declared they were guilty of an Unpardonable Sin. One would think that this warning would make everyone very cautious about ever making such a claim again, because their own soul would be irretrievably lost. Sadly, this is not the case. Nesta Webster, in the book, “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements”, records, on page 92, that the group, the Carpocratian Gnostics, held this view. Further, this belief runs like a consistent thread “all through the secret societies up to the present day”.

In other words, members of secret societies have been committing the Unpardonable Sin since Jesus’ warning as recorded in Matthew 12:24. The list of guilty societies includes such well-known societies as The Brotherhood of Death Societies, Rosicrucians, and Freemasonry. As we have reported earlier, the Brotherhood of Death Society is a loose organization spreading around the globe. There are two very well-known Brotherhood of Death Societies, one in Germany and one in the United States. The society in Germany is called the Thule Society; Adolf Hitler was a member of the Thule Society. If we understand that Hitler committed the Unpardonable Sin when he was being trained as an Adept in this secret society, we can easily understand how he could have perpetrated such monstrous acts of vengeance upon the world during World War II. We can easily understand how his mind could have become so hardened and so saturated with hate for the Jew first and the Christian second. Many of Hitler’s governmental officials were also members of the Thule Society, so they were guilty of this Unpardonable Sin. As we stated before, once a person has committed this sin, the Holy Spirit ceases to work in their heart and mind, to convict them of sin, and attempting to move them to repentance. This person ceases to have a conscience. They can easily become so hardened of heart and mind that they can be mightily used of Satan, without feeling the least bit of remorse and guilt.

The Brotherhood of Death Society in the United States is the Skull and Bones Society in Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Its belief structure is identical to that of the Thule Society. Therefore, we can conclude that Bones Men affirm this belief about Jesus Christ, thus condemning them to committing the Unpardonable Sin. The list of some of the Families comprising Skull and Bones is frightening, for it immediately shows the extent to which America has been influenced by this Satanic organization. Remember, the men of these families have likely committed the Unpardonable Sin. (Quoting from Antony Sutton, “America’s Secret Establishment”, p. 22).

  • Rockefeller Family (Standard Oil)
  • Weyerhaeuser Family (Lumber)
  • Sloane Family (Retailing)
  • Pillsbury Family (Flour Milling)
  • J.P. Morgan Family (Banking)
  • Taft Family (Politics)
  • Bush Family, including former President George Bush

Wait a minute, you say, George Bush likely committed the Unpardonable Sin because of his membership in Skull and Bones? Yes. Now, you can see how easy it was for Bush to lead the charge into the Satanic New World Order. Now you can see that Bush was far different in his innermost heart than he was on his media-created surface.

How about President Clinton? We Christians already know that he has been the most anti-Christian President in history. It is likely that Clinton may have fallen in this trap through his involvement with the Rhodes Scholarship Program in England. We have long known that Cecil Rhodes was an early member of the Illuminati, working with the Rothschilds in the early 1800’s. But Sutton introduces a new element to this story, on page 23 of his book quoted above. Sutton states that Cecil Rhodes founded a secret society called “Milners Round Table”, founded on the same foundation as the Illuminati and “the Jewish secret society equivalents”.

We believe it possible that President Clinton may have committed the Unpardonable Sin. If this is true, this 42nd President may be fully capable of leading America into the Satanic New World Order without blinking an eye.

Are you spiritually ready?

You have been listening to the Cutting Edge, a radio program of Old Paths Ministries.



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