Can you sin your whole life and receive salvation?

We must understand that redemption does not come through a profession of faith but through a possession of faith. Those of us who have faith are called to profess that faith; however, the mere profession of it does not guarantee that the genuine article is present. This is particularly so when someone makes a verbal profession strictly as a means of covering his bets or to play it safe and guard against the negative consequences. From a biblical standpoint, salvation requires authentic repentance. Justifying faith is a repenting faith. If there is no repentance, then that indicates that the profession of faith is fraudulent.

If a person could live his whole life in sin, rebellion, and disobedience and then on his deathbed truly repent and go to heaven, the answer is yes. The same as the thief on the cross met the Savior in his dying moments and was guaranteed eternity with him. It’s certainly not a wise course of action to postpone your repentance until the day of your departure because we don’t know when that day will be. But making a confession simply out of fear is not enough, that fear should give pause and cause us to think seriously about our future state.



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