For the past decade, law enforcement officials have been extremely worried about the new type of Juvenile criminal, i.e., children with absolutely no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, no sense of guilt for anything. This type of criminal is now permeating society, with terrible consequences for the coming New World Order! Read this article and weep for our nation; your own life may be at stake!

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NEWSBRIEF: “Lawyers wrangle over mom who shot unborn baby in her womb”, The Greenville News, 11/29/96, p. 10A. TORONTO: “There are no legal precedents in Canada for what Brenda Drummon did: fire a rifle into her womb in an attempt to kill her soon-to-be-born child. In a country where abortion is legal and a fetus has no rights, prosecutors struggled Thursday to convince a court that she committed a crime.”

Let us stop here to analyze the horrendous information we have just related to you. In Canada, just like as in the United States of America, abortion through the Third Trimester (even through the ninth month) is perfectly legal. This is the issue with President Clinton refusing to sign the latest anti-Abortion bill (popularly called the Partial Birth bill) which would have outlawed Third Trimester abortions. In this country, just as in Canada, babies can be partially born, partially outside the mother’s womb, and still have no “human” rights to life. Doctors in this country consistently kill infants whose heads are still in the womb — even though their torso is largely outside the womb. And, these doctors are guilty of no crime in the eyes of current United States’ law!! This incredible, and frightening, reality has been created in this country since the 1973 infamous Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion on demand. The door barring abortion was kicked wide open by that ruling, and now, virtually nothing is illegal, as long as it is done to the infant while the head is still in the womb!!

The next time you are holding an infant in your arms, please understand that that precious little child could have been legally killed as long as his head was still in the mother’s body! He could have been legally killed, and his body parts sold to various medical research agencies, without any “law” having been violated! We have consistently reported to you that the New World Order is simply reinstated Nazism (See the following Current News Articles:

NEWS1001 — “Dr. Kevorkian Conditioning America To Lead The Next Holocaust”NEWS1003 — “Clinton’s Mandatory Volunteerism And Its Identical Path with Hitler”

NEWS1004 — “Comparison Between Nazism and New Age Spiritual Beliefs”

NEWS1005 — “Clinton’s Industrial Policy Is Fascism”

NEWS1008 — “Hitler’s Role In The New World Order Plan”

NEWS1017 — “Hitler Studied As A Type of Antichrist”

With Satan controlling the marionette strings, America is gradually, but quickly, changing into the type of country that Germany was in 1938, and our people are acquiring the same attitudes toward life and death issues that Germans possessed during this time period. We will speak more to this most important issue later, but first, let us learn more about this incredible news story.

“Drummond, 28, was charged with attempted murder June 7, eight days after giving birth to a boy in the bathroom of her home near Ottawa. A brain scan revealed that the ailing infant had a pellet in his brain, and the baby survived surgery to remove it. He suffered no serious permanent damage. Drummond’s lawyer went before an Ontario judge Wednesday to argue that the criminal charge should be dropped. [He told the judge] ‘If you take the crown’s case at its highest level — yes, she was attempting to kill the fetus — well, that is not an offense under Canadian law’ said the lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon. Greenspon said Drummond was attempting to cause a miscarriage on May 28 when she used a rifle to fire a pellet into her vagina while her daughters, 3 and 7, played elsewhere in their home. The baby was born two days later. ‘If she had been successful, this would not have been a crime — period’, Greenspon said.”

If this 28-year-old “mother” had successfully killed her baby with that rifle, she would not have been guilty of any crime, because the baby [fetus in the eyes of the law] was still in her womb! How can a mother kill a tiny, innocent, helpless baby, a product of her own body?! The attitude which produces this type action is so monstrous as to be considered “Satanic”, straight from the pits of Hell. Yet, not only did this ‘mother’ attempt the murder of her unborn baby, but this lawyer argues strenuously that Canadian law, presently written, does not prohibit this attempted murder.1 There is no record of the reaction from the judge, but one can only assume that he will react according to the way in which Canadian law is written, which is evidently written exactly as her lawyer said it was, i.e., that killing an unborn infant is perfectly legal.

How can a person, like Brenda Drummond, go from being a helpless, innocent baby herself to being a person so hardened, so devoid of normal human emotion and feeling, that she would attempt to kill her unborn child? Since God has placed normal Maternal feelings within each mother, how could this woman have so totally destroyed these feelings toward her baby? Since human beings are complex creatures, we do not usually proceed from normalcy to abnormalcy in an instant. Usually, this process takes time, much time, and many tiny experiences which move a person toward abnormalcy.

Before we answer this question, above, let us review yet another current news story, one which has great bearing upon our question.

NEWSBRIEF: “Parents urged to guide choice of video games”, The Providence Journal-Bulletin, 12/6/96, page A-3. “A media watchdog group and two U.S. senators suggest that parents exercise care before buying excessively violent, antisocial video and computer games for their children. Amid the tinkling of holiday bells and the strains of carols, there is this year, another, grimmer set of seasonal sounds: the thip-thip-thip of electronic gunshots, the grunts and groans of hand-to-hand combat, the primal screams of a cyber-opponent being ripped to shreds. These, according to the National Institute on Media and the Family, are the sounds of video and computer games that are getting kids across the United States hooked on murder and mayhem … Many popular games … are ‘more violent, more antisocial, and generally more disgusting than ever.’ ”

“In one game, Primal Rage, produced by Time Warner and marketed to teens, a combatant celebrates a kill by urinating on his [dead] opponent. In the United States, 1996 sales of video games alone are expected to reach $4.1 billion. Other video and computer games glorify violence in their marketing appeals: Fighting Vipers, a Sega Saturn game also marketed to teens, promises video players a chance to ‘learn the true meaing of rage’ by manipulating the game’s ‘vicious arcade streetfighters’. In print designed to look like blood, [the game] promises ‘brutality, carnage and kick-butt realism’. ”

“Sega’s home page on the Internet invites kids to ‘take on the psychotic persona of one of six chronically pissed-off homicidal mutants and blast out of the brutal planet RAULF so you can slash and splatter your way across a lawless and unforgiving 3D morphing galaxy.’ ”

Now, we are getting close to understanding how a mother like Brenda Drummond could want to kill her unborn baby so badly that she will risk her own life by firing a rifle up her vagina. Our society brutalizes its young every single day, in dozens of different ways. After all, the game quoted above, asks its young participants to assume the role of a ‘psychotic persona’ of a very angry homicidal [meaning murderous] mutant. And, what are these ‘homicidal mutants’ supposed to do? They are supposed to see how many people they can ‘slash’ and ‘splatter’ during the course of the game. Please carefully review the following statistics of how our society systematically exposes the minds of its young people to such barbarism that it gradually, thoroughly changes them to a Brenda Drummond. After reading the material, below, I think you will agree with me that, perhaps, Brenda Drummond is more typical of the kid of young people in our society today, than you might dare believe.

Carefully read these statistics:

Consider the effect upon children by our mass media, i.e., TV, movies, videos:


  • Children are watching violence at a rate like NO OTHER GENERATION IN HISTORY.13
  • Violence has increased 720% since 1982.1
  • Film can “create” violence not normally seen.
  • Constant exposure to violence creates an insensitivity to violence in reality.2
  • Average American child watches over 50,000 deaths on TV by age 18.3
  • Average child sees 75,000 incidents of drinking by age 21 on TV.4
  • Rape occurs in 1 film in 6.5
  • American violence has increased over 300% since 1960.
  • NO OTHER GENERATION IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND SINCE CREATION has gained a major portion of their `socialization’ from a machine.6
  • The cultural values that (TV) is teaching: Nothing is off limits — sex outside of marriage; euthanasia; homosexuality; abortion; drug usage (MTV); alcohol consumption; and murder.
  • Both children and adults have difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusion after continued, long-term exposure to TV and movies.
  • “We have silently passed an amendment to the sixth (Biblical) Commandment: Thou shalt not kill, but it is perfectly all right for you to enjoy watching other people do it.”
  • Murder, rape, and assault are over 300% higher than any previous generation.
  • New breed of young offender appeared in 1970’s–child murderer who feels no remorse for his crimes.7
  • TV desensitizes people.
  • Sexual Violence now very popular in music and movies. Definition: The false message that women enjoy violence and pain during sex and that they are less than equal to men in societal value. Terror and slasher films typically depict sexual relationships in this kind of situation. Is it any wonder that American society is struggling with an epidemic of sexual attacks/murders?Some MILD examples of movie sexual violence:
  • Woman’s head is cut off while she is having sex.
  • Woman’s head is graphically blown off.
  • Woman’s breast is cut off.
  • During a bath, a woman is stabbed in the eye and chopped up by the killer.
  • Woman’s tongue is ripped out while she is raped.8

  • When girl chopped off her Dad’s head and ate it as a birthday cake.
  • When alien ate lady’s head and kept burping.
  • Lady was chopped up, squirting white out of her body 9These movies are all available at video stores to any young child.

    I deliberately just listed all these horrible statistics for you, in one bloc, with no comment, so you could receive the full impact of the terrible, terrible scenes depicted in these movies. Your child is taking more of this type of stuff into his or her mind and emotions than you would like to think possible. This is even more likely if you are the type of parent which uses the TV as a baby sitter.

    So, now let us pause to comment on some of this horrific material.

    Children are watching violence at a rate like NO OTHER GENERATION IN HISTORY.13 One of the most popular misconceptions people have today is that the rotten stuff to which children are being subjected today are no different than what they [the parent] was subjected when they were growing up in the ’50’s and ’60’s. This is simply not true. But, the Bible predicted that this would be the prevailing attitude amongst people in the Last Days’ of Time. “There shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” (2 Peter 2:3-4) “Since the times of our fathers, all things today are the same as what I faced when I was a kid”, is a modern paraphrase of this 2,000 year-old prophecy of the attitude of people in the Last Days, just before the Great Tribulation begins. Do not be deceived: our children today are facing an unprecedented barrage of mental and moral filth, and they are being conditioned to become the greatest single group of sinners and criminals the world has ever seen. But, the New World Order, which is just ahead of us, is Biblically prophesied to be, and planned by human leaders to be, the greatest period of time in world history where man’s inhumanity to man will also be unprecedented.

    “Film can ‘create’ violence not normally seen”. Think of the situations you can view on TV or in movies that simply cannot be experienced in reality. In a murder scene, for example, the camera can show the entire sequence in extremely slow motion, even to the point of focusing in on the speeding bullet as it wings its way toward its victim’s head. You would never see this in reality, in normal time frame viewing. And, when the bullet does impact its victim’s head, you see the blood, and exploding bone and brain, in great detail. Again, no one would see this great detail in the instant of real time when a bullet would impact the victim’s head. The TV or movie viewer is thus seeing a “reality” that is “created” by the camera. They see mind-numbing, emotion-destroying scenes which they could never see any other way.

  • Constant exposure to violence creates an insensitivity to violence in reality.10 While this statement will usually find agreement by anyone who is familiar with the Bible, it will usually be most vehemently denied by anyone else. You will actually hear people say that viewing such carnage does not influence them, or their kids, because they ‘know’ such things are not real. They know such things are just ‘make-believe’. Do not be deceived at this critical point! Any person is affected by continual exposure to this type of carnage. Our human minds and emotions are gradually being hardened or destroyed by this type of exposure. One cannot change reality simply by declaring that it is not so; yet, this is exactly what many people today are doing.What is the societal affect of this type of viewing?

    “Violence [in the media] has increased 720% since 1982.11 ” Surprise, surprise!! But, for anyone who watches news daily on TV, or read newspapers and/or magazines, understands that violence runs rampant in our society. Today, many people are afraid to go outside their homes after dark; many others are afraid to shop at Malls; many others are afraid of a home invasion; and, millions others buy the most sophisticated personal burglar alarm systems they can afford. American society has become the most violent in human history, and it is pouring into your home daily! And, what is the actual statistical increase? “American violence has increased over 300% since 1960.” What does the Bible say about this issue? Can a person willingly expose himself to as much sin as he wants, without having to fear any bad recourse? “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption…” God knows the workings of the human mind better than we do, and He warned that, just as corn seed only produces corn, and as wheat seed only produces wheat, so also will corruption only produce corruption. Exposure to sin will only result in such a hardening of a person’s heart and mind and soul, that an increase in sin will be the only possible result. To have it any other way will only “mock” God, which is something He will never, ever tolerate. Do not be deceived.

    “Both children and adults have difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusion after continued, long-term exposure to TV and movies.” This is one of the basic reasons America today is suffering from such an explosion of violence and crime. People have lost the capacity to be restrained from within by a conscience guided by Godly principles. And the youth are the most easily impacted.

    A new type of criminal offender began to be identified in the late 1970’s, the “child murderer who feels no remorse for his crimes”.12 Now, twenty years later, this criminal is responsible for much crime in America today, and his offspring are even more violent than he was in the 1970’s. Police officials are terrified about the potential for a tremendous increase in violent crimes by the year 2,000, when this new type of young criminal begins to turn 20 years old, and has the strength and mental prowess that comes with this age.

    One of the greatest new phenomena facing American society today is crime against women. Every time you open the paper, it seems, you are seeing this type of crime reported. Since this is the era of the Feminist, it seems surprising that this type of crime should be on the increase. Why are our young men so mistreating our young women? Consider the appropriate statistic: “Murder, rape, and assault are over 300% higher than any previous generation.” What are young men doing in this generation to prepare them to mistreat women at an unprecedented rate, that no other generations of men in the past have done? “Sexual Violence is now very popular in music and movies. Definition: The false message that women enjoy violence and pain during sex and that they are less than equal to men in societal value. Terror and slasher films typically depict sexual relationships in this kind of situation.” 13 “Some MILD examples of movie sexual violence:

  • Woman’s head is cut off while she is having sex.
  • Woman’s head is graphically blown off.
  • Woman’s breast is cut off.
  • During a bath, a woman is stabbed in the eye and chopped up by the killer.
  • Woman’s tongue is ripped out while she is raped.14
    Do not be deceived; God is not mocked. What a person sows, that and only that, is what he will reap. American society is sowing the seeds of sinful violence, murder, sex and all the possible combinations of these sins, into the minds and hearts of its young, especially, men. We are about to begin reaping the obvious results.But, nothing happens in a vacuum, and neither is this horrible situation. The world is entering into the coming New World Order. The Plan for this coming system calls for the forcible reduction in world population by two-thirds, in only a few years. The Plan calls for human beings to be forcibly rooted out of their homes, to be resettled in a farming economy common three hundred years ago. The Plan calls for death for anyone who does not wish to comply with any of the decrees of the new rulers. The Plan calls for a Holocaust that will absolutely dwarf the Holocaust of Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s Holocaust killed almost 20 million people in seven years [1938-1945]; the New World Order Plan calls for the murder of two-thirds of all mankind in seven years, which will total 4 billion people.

    Obviously, this New World Order Plan will require the willing participation of tens of millions of young men as the executioners, and the willing acquiesce of many more millions of people, who will know what is going on, but will be able and willing, to turn their eyes away. I encourage you to read a book which documents this type of situation, in Hitler’s Germany from the late 1920’s to 1945. The author does a masterful job of showing how this type of hardening occurred amongst the German youth, who later pulled the trigger during the Holocaust, and amongst the general German population, who turned their eyes away from general knowledge of the carnage occurring in their midst. This book is entitled, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans And The Holocaust”, by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1966, ISBN:0-679-44695-8. Read this book, and you will be able to see so many instances in which American society is traveling this same path which Germany trod, only 60 years ago. And, you will understand how ‘ordinary’ Americans can participate in the coming unprecedented Holocaust.

    This ‘mother’, Brenda Drummond, represents the kind of young person who is so hardened mentally and spiritually that she would not hesitate to pull the trigger in a Holocaust. I personally think there are several million of such people in Canada and the United States today. That is a large enough number to stage the planned Holocaust. But, there are many more millions young people that, though they might not be so hardened that they would willingly act as Brenda did, they might be willing to pull the trigger if the Government above them brought a great degree of pressure, backed by threats, if they did not cooperate. And, there are tens of millions of other people who are just hardened enough that they would turn their eyes away from the planned Holocaust. Even though they would not personally kill anyone, they would complacently react when they discovered that just such a Holocaust was occurring within their country. This was the situation in Nazi Germany that allowed Hitler to stage his Holocaust, and I believe we have just such a situation in America today. Just in time for the planned New World Order!

    And, you know, God predicted this would be the situation amongst the young people living in the End of the Age. In 2 Timothy 3:1-5, the Apostle Paul foretold, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy; Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good; Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

    Doesn’t this passage describe our young people today? 1) “lovers of their own selves” — Brenda would not have committed her crime had she not loved herself so much. We see this type of intense personal selfishness everywhere today 2) “covetous” — How many people do we know today that are terribly caught up in a love of material possessions our society provides? 3) “boasters, proud, blasphemers” — These personal characteristics go together, don’t they? How many conversations have you had to endure in your job, or with friends, where they brag on and on about themselves, and sprinkle their conversation with blasphemy against God and His Son, Jesus Christ? 4) “disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy” — Again, these characteristics usually abound in the individual involved. Young people today are the most demanding, the most ungrateful toward parents who have given them most everything they ever wanted. And, coupled with this disobedience, and unthankfulness, is unholy living. 5) “Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good” — Again, these personal characteristics usually go together in the person infected with this disease of the heart. Brenda Drummond could kill her unborn infant only because she was “without natural affection”. And, these type of people so despise those who are good, that they will turn on such people to attack them, either verbally or physically.

    Doesn’t this Scripture speak volumes about the times in which we live? Too many of our young people today fit this description perfectly. This is one of the reasons I know we are living in the Last Days.

    In this article, above, about the destructive nature of video games, we will allow Senator Joseph Lieberman, of Connecticut, to have the last word. As you read his comment, remember our discussion of the coming New World Order, and how this system is going to have access to several millions of young people who will pull the trigger in the planned Holocaust. Senator Lieberman said, “Every holiday season, we see lists of toys that can harm children physically. We’re here to talk about toys that can harm out kid’s minds … The gift these products give is to communicate the unadulterated message that killing is cool and viciousness is a virtue.” Isn’t this type of training exactly what would be necessary for the New World Order system to instill in their army, in the individuals who will actually do the killing in the coming Holocaust? Do not be deceived; our children are the targets, because they will be in the army of the coming Antichrist.

    What can Christian parents do to protect their precious children against this terrible onslaught? Action is both possible, and not terribly difficult, once the parents shift gears mentally. We must first change our attitudes on several fronts: 1) We must recognize that we are engaged in spiritual warfare on an unprecedented level. The only way we can successfully wage spiritual warfare is to be right with God, which means being Born Again through Jesus Christ, and then living lives of obedience to Him. 2) Once we have accomplished this, we must spend time every day in meaningful prayer to God, holding up our children to God, by specific name. 3) We must make the economic choices necessary to further protect our children. Our children need to have a parent home with them, for close supervision and correction; our children need to be kept out of public schools at all costs, for it is the Plan that public schools will, simultaneously, not teach the basics of education, while indoctrinating our children to be good New World Order citizens. To achieve this, you may have to change your standard of living sufficiently so that you can afford to make it on one job, to pay for private schooling, or even to home school.

    Too many Christian parents today love this present world system just as much as do non-Christian parents. Christian parents today struggle under the same load of debt under which others struggle. Too many Christian parents today so struggle against debt that they feel they can no longer tithe 10% of their net income, thus inviting God’s punishment which He promised in Malachi 3:8-11.

    Once we Christian parents get into right standing with God, we can begin to wage spiritual warfare on behalf of our kids. And, believe me, you will first struggle with your children, who will not want to give up their favorite Rock Music, or their favorite TV show, or movies, or practices. I became so convicted of the terrible influence TV was having on my family, especially my young teens, that I threw out a perfectly good 26″ TV console. For the first three months, I was barraged with angry family members, who wanted their TV back. But, then, I noticed that significant changes were occurring with my children and my family. Children were fighting less, and cooperating more. Their level of anger seemed to dramatically decline. My children were reading more, having more quiet time with each other and with my wife and me. They struggled less about going to church, and were more interested in spiritual matters. Today, my youngest son has just completed 5 years of Christian college, studying to be a Senior Pastor. And, my youngest duaghter, is also Born Again, and is pursuing a career as a Registered Nurse. The other two children are not walking with the Lord yet, but are in our prayers constantly. I am convinced that, had we not taken the strong action we did, none of our children would be walking with the Lord.

    My wife and I also confiscated hard Rock music we found in our eldest son’s bedroom. We physically destroyed the tapes, and threatened to destroy his tape player if we ever discovered these type of tapes again.

    The overall effect of our actions, plus daily prayer for them, was extremely positive. We recognized that we were facing unprecedented spiritual warfare, and we reacted accordingly. And, God blessed our efforts.

    What is the situation in your family? Have you recognized any problems, described above, in your family? If you did, you must act quickly now.

    Things are going to get mighty interesting.

    God bless you.


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